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You want your dog healthy and looking its best every day. Here’s a convenient, money-saving idea from our Pet Pro, Luciano Aguilar.

Mobile pet grooming can make clean-up time less traumatic for your pet. But before the mobile groomer arrives take your dog for a long walk to run off that extra energy. It also gives him an opportunity to relieve himself.

Don’t feed your dog before his grooming appointment. There is some handling involved and it could make him stressed out or sick. We don’t want that.

In a typical drop-off grooming situation you drop your dog off, tell your groomer what you want and leave. But mobile grooming allows you to check on your dog while he’s being groomed and give your input if need be.

Aguilar reminds us that good groomers do a thorough examination. They check your dog’s coat for any bumps, moles or diseases such as mange. Ear infections are painful and can cause a dog to scratch or whine, so your groomer should check and clean your dog’s ears thoroughly.

Tooth decay is also something common in dogs and your mobile pet groomer puts on her doggy-dentist hat for a thorough mouth inspection. Oral hygiene is just as important to dogs as it is to humans.

Luciano answered a follow-up doggy hygiene question,

Q – Is it safe to trim your own dog’s toe nails?

A – Yes. When cutting your own dog’s nails be sure to stop before the quick, or vein inside the nail. Cut a little and until you see a pink or a black dot. Before cutting your dog’s nails pick up some Kwik Stop Styptic Powder at your local pet shop. This will stop the bleeding instantly should you cut too much. Another great way to keep your dog’s nails trimmed or short is by taking them for a walk on concrete. Your sidewalk will act as a nail file.

Luciano Aguilar is our pet pro on America Now so stay tuned for more pet hints, tips and secrets!

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