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Terrier Mix


June 25, 2019 (~4.5 years old)


Personality Traits






A Few Details About Me

Capri was surrendered because her personality type did not match that of her previous owners. Capri loves to have her own space and looks for love when she wants to receive it, like a cat.

She is spayed and vaccinated.

Capri will do great in a home as the only dog but wouldn't mind a buddy either. She does require a sedentary to moderately active household with a yard to keep up with her needs and occasional training throughout the week to keep up with the necessary mental stimulation she requires. Capri is house-trained, and crate trained. She enjoys to sleep and eat her food in her crate. She is extremely intelligent and is very sweet and loving.

We did go through a food trial with her, she is allergic to quite a few things but we found the perfect food to ensure she has solid bowel movements and hydrated skin. During allergy season (spring), she tends to get skin irritations but when bathed with a probiotic shampoo and conditioner her skin calms down. We've had a ton of time to figure Capri out, now she just needs her perfect home and family to give her all of the love and support so she can live out the rest of her life as happy as can be. 

If you fall in love with Capri after reviewing her training videos and pictures below please click below to schedule a meet and greet. 

Training Videos and Pictures

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