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Adopt a PK9 Dog

We are partnered with the most amazing rescues to help some of their furry friends be a great fit for your home. These dogs have completed their training and they are now looking for their furever loving home.

Some of these dogs are from rescues and the others are no longer able to stay in their current home, have gone through training, and are looking for their future furever home

Please use the small images of our furry friends to be taken to their profile summary.

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 8.00.54 PM.png

Terrier Mix

Capri loves to follow routine but occasionally will stop and settle to match your needs. She is very sweet and loving and enjoys her training time. She's looking for a moderately active home that can provide her with boundaries and a loose routine. Click her picture to learn more!



D'Launte Biggie Muzzles is a sociable, curious, and tactful pup. He loves exploring new parks/places, running in open fields, and enjoying good food ("Acana" and "Just for Dogs" brands being some of his favorites, currently). Biggie is sweet in nature and always ready for plenty of play time. At the same time, he is just as ready for cuddles during nap times (or whenever he's in the mood, honestly). On his worst days, he is known to be quite stubborn when responding to commands, however he responds well when clear boundaries are practiced/enforced. Biggie has much love, care, and loyalty to give to any who are willing to receive it. And with a spirited name and the personality to match, D'Launte is sure to bring added joy and laughter into your life. Click his picture to learn more!

Husky Mix

Lupin is a class clown and loves to put on a show. He is very food motivated and loves to earn his treats with basic obedience commands or tricks! He's looking for a moderately active home that can meet his needs and energy level. He also doesn't mind a playmate (another dog) at home! Click his picture to learn more!

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 10.02.24 AM.png

Shepherd Mix

Ori is a very sweet and loving girl but takes her time building a bond. Her initial housing situation didn't work out for her. She's now looking for a calm home with owners that are very patient and loving. She does does great with calmer dogs. Click her picture to learn more!


Labrador Retriever Mix

Roxy is very timid, but sweet once she's shown trust and is provided with an opportunity to build a bond. She was rescued in 2022, and has had little to no human interaction. She needs patient and loving owners that can help build trust and a bond. She does really well with other dogs, and having another dog in the home may be beneficial for her. Click her picture to learn more! 

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