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Stephanie Little

& Keiba

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My Story

Stephanie Little has been working with dogs for over 6 years and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer under the CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers). Her area of expertise includes puppy training, basic behavior modification, e-collar training, canine nutrition, and service dogs. Stephanie is passionate about working with dogs and their personalities to create a training experience that matches the dogs emotional and physical maturity while excelling them to the next level. 


One of Stephanie’s favorite aspects of dog training is watching dogs come alive as they build relationships with their owners through healthy training, playing, and communication. Whether your dog is fear based or fearless, high energy or too chill to care, young, old, or anything in between, there is always an opportunity to improve in new ways of training and playing. 


Stephanie is the proud owner of a two-year-old, high energy, purebred German Shepherd who loves to engage in fetching, swimming, and especially doc diving! 


She can’t wait to work with you and your canine!


If you'd love to work with me please mention Stephanie through email or text. 


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