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German Shepherd


January 1st, 2021 (~2 years)


Personality Traits






A Few Details About Me

Marlin was on the orange list at a shelter and is now being "fostered" which saved him from being put down. He has gone through training and requires an active home that could provide him with the necessary daily physical and mental exercise. He is very loyal and loving once that bond is created. 


At the beginning, with training, he can be stubborn but after just a few minutes he immediately understands the task at hand. He loves to please, and loves to have fun. He is a working breed dog so he does require multiple ways for his needs to be met (this includes training, so mental stimulation, and physical excercise).  

If you'd like to adopt Marlin, after reviewing his picture and training video, please click the box below to fill out an application. 

Training Videos and Pictures

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